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  • Aipc 
    AIPC Pandora is a not-for-profit organisation. Its main objective is to get to know and study the various cultures of the world in order to discover their values and spread them.
    ana (at)
  • Asociación Madrid Puerta Abierta       
    This ngo created a group composed by young people that promotes new activities in order to promote the social integration of new comers especially from Morocco
    jd (at); mpa (at)
  • Fundació Social Raval 
    Fsraval is an ngo that promotes the integration of inside the neighbour of Raval in Barcelona       
    fsraval (at)
  • Asociación El submari del Port 
    The main purposes of this ngo is to reduce the school failure and to improve the integration of children and young people       
    projecteelsubmari (at)
  • Fundació Comtal 
    Fundació Comtal is an ngo composed by 13 persons that works in the neighbour called "Casc Antic". Its goal is to promote the integration of children, young, adults people in danger of exclusion
    comunicacio (at)
  • Asociacion EOF
    Day Centre in Madrid addressed to minors and families in danger of social exclusion          
    eof (at)       

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