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GG Demonstration Event at Circolo Canottieri Napoli on 29/09/08

On 29th of September 2008, Città della Scienza carried out a final demonstration event at the big gym of the Circolo Canottieri Napoli. Olympic champion Davide Tizzano, Golden Goal ambassador, presented the core ideas and results of our project.

 During the event, Davide motivated young learners to join in for a lot of practical exercises from the Golden Goal Toolbox.  

Let's get started!



Golgen Goal Conference in Glasgow September 18th, 2008

In cooperation with a team of interested parties from the regeneration, sports and learning sectors, the University of Glasgow organised an extensive dissemination event which was held on the 18th of September 2008 at Petershill Park. To ensure as wide a representation as possible, about 200 invitations were distributed resulting in over 100 delegates attending the event.

These participants represented organisations from a variety of sectors including sports, health, local government, Jobcentre Plus, further and higher education, community planning, training, youth services and local regeneration. 

The dissemination event served to raise awareness of the possibilities for combining literacy provision with sports related contents and activities. In addition, it was envisaged that the event would act as a catalyst for organisations to start identifying future opportunities for aligning their activities with those being developed for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. 

According to an evaluation survey which followed the conference, the majority of participants felt that it was a most inspirational event which provided an excellent opportunity to network. Most respondents also feel that they can incorporate the Golden Goal concept into their existing services.


Download presentation Helmut Kronika - pdf

Glasgow's Learning
Glasgow's Learning is the name of the city's adult literacy and numeracy (ALN) initiative. Set up by the Glasgow Community Learning Strategy Partnership (GCLSP), the initiative has responsibility for adult literacy and numeracy in Glasgow.

Link to Golden Goal on Glasgow's Learning website:  http://www.glasgowslearning.org.uk/goldengoal

If this link is no longer active, please find the screenshot here.


Golden Goal Demonstration Events at "Literaten-EURO 2008"

During the matches of the "Literaten-EURO 2008", the Austrian project promoter BEST carried out multifaceted dissemination and demonstration measures.

Team Austria

Team Switzerland

Team Hungary 

Team Slovenia


Golden Goal Ambassadors: A Selection of Prominent Names

In addition to Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff, a variety of other prominent people support Golden Goal:


Reinhard Prenn (left, Doppelpass)
and Beppo Mauhart,
the Honorary President
of the Austrian Football Association

Stephan Vavrik
(Austrian Foreign Ministry)

British bestselling author
Tim Parks


French author
Fatou Diome 

Reinhard Prenn and
football internationals Adi Hütter (left)
and Gilbert Prilasnig (right),
Bundesliga coach Werner Gregoritsch (middle)

Austrian author
Eva Rossmann 


Gerhard Ruiss
(president of Austrian writers' association)
and Harald Ruiss
(Austrian football referee) 

Feridun Zaimoglu (Turkish author),
John von Düffel (German author and swimmer),
Ulrike Draesner (German author) 



Golden Goal Ambassador: Olympic Champion Davide Tizzano


Davide Tizzano is one of the great names of Italian sports: The two-fold Olympic champion in Canoe/Kayak won his first gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. Eight years later, in Atlanta 1996, he triumphed in the men's double event. Davide won the Italian championship altogether sixteen times. 

He is currently president of the Campania Regional Committee of the Italian Federation of Canoe and part of the CONI Executive Committee of the Region of Campania. Davide also acts as trainer and has specialised in teambuilding and leadership issues. We are happy that this champion supports our project as Golden Goal Ambassador. 


Golden Goal Deployment Workshop in Napoli


Another workshop on possibilities of Golden Goal deployment was organised by Citta della Scienza in Napoli in September 2008. The project curriculum and toolbox were shown and explained to managers, course designers, trainers, teachers and consultants from various educational organisations, regional job agencies and training agencies from all over the Campania Region. Different ways of implementation and mainstreaming in Italy were discussed in detail.


Golden Goal at the Johan Cruyff International Forum 2008

Representatives of Golden Goal were invited to present our project at the Cruyff International Forum Nijmegen, June 5th and 6th, 2008.
The event was attended by numerous prominent sports people, as well as many educational providers.

Johann Cruyff (Dutch football legend)
and Erika Terpstra (president of the
Dutch Olympic Committee and
Olympic Gold Medal winner) 

Henk Leijenhorst
(Manager of Gelderland
Ecucational Association)
and Helmut Kronika (BEST) 

Helmut Kronika (BEST) and
Todd Beane (International Director
Cruyff Institute of Sports Studies) 


Students of the ROC Nijmegen carried out a dissemination and demonstration event of the Golden Goal project

The program was based om the Golden Goal items. The students had to discover the surroundings of Nijmegen. At first they had to make a program and a planning in distance and time. Then they had to test there preparations and put it into practise. The other group did a project about self esteem and self confidence. They got a mental training and a physical training.

These programs are  now a part of the introduction of the ROC students.


Golden Goal Demonstration Events at  "Campania Sociale" in Italy


In the framework of "Campania Sociale 2008", Città della Scienza organized action events that attracted more than 1.000 persons. Our project was demonstrated to representatives of public institutions, policy makers, teachers, trainers and social operators from the Campania region, who met up and discussed new social and educational methodologies and resources to reach particular target groups.


Motivace - kde ji vzít? Motivation - where does it come from?

On May 27, the Czech partner KTP organised a Seminar with the title "Motivace  -  kde ji vzít?" (Motivation - where does it come from?) and demonstrated the results of "Golden Goal". Participants were head teachers and experts from adult education institutions from all over the Czech Republic (e.g. Department of Informations in Education, Center of School Services). After the presentation which included a short film, they participated in exercises and obtained direct insights in the didactic innovations.


The seminar ended with a vivid discussion about the possibilities of introducing aspects of the project in the Czech educational system. Two further events were arranged and will take place at the Technical School Bosonohy in September 2008. 


Aktivitets- og læringsdag Læring gjennom sports aktiviteter Sjøhuset

On May 23th, 2008 the "GG Aktivitets- og læringsdag" attracted over 20 of our young disadvantaged young people. It was organized by the Norwegian partner Rogaland Kurs og Kompetansesenter, Stavanger, in order to motivate the target group to come and participate in such a training concept.


Meeting announced

Gelişim Platformu is a platform for disseminating information regarding development and training issues: www.gelisimplatformu.org/uye/uye_aktivite_detay.asp?mode=AKTIVITE&akt_id=3990


"Golden Goal - Obiectivul de aur"

5th of May 2008 is the date when German Romanian Foundation was visited by 22 students from West Technical College (construction profile), accompanied by their teacher, Matiu Norica, one of the VET tutor who embraced the Golden Goal generous ideas.

Our building was the terminus point in their WALKING TOUR WITH TASKS, tool designed in order to make students become accustomed to define their individual objectives, to communicate and to improve their skills on teamwork.

VET instructors from FRG discussed with students about this positive experience that will strengthen their self-esteem and the meeting ended on the FRG football field.

Project demonstration at "Expodidactica 2008", Barcelona  

At the beginning of April, Gabinet d'Estudis Socials took part at "Expodidactica 2008", a fair that attracted some 8.000 persons: Teachers, public institutions and policy makers had the possibility to discover new kinds and new  teaching resources.  

During these days, we demonstrated the outcomes of our Grundtvig project "Golden Goal" to representatives of the educational network of Catalunya, to the Tarragona municipality and Generalitat as well as to further participants directly involved in educational matters.

We also distributed the flyers and collected a list of interested people that are receiving detailed information on how to enable young disadvantaged adults with particular "education resistance" to score their "Golden Goal".   




Golden Goal Demonstration Event at Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad/Sweden

The Project Golden Goal was presented and demonstrated in a seminarian on March 14th in Kristianstad. The Golden Goal project were shown and explained to trainers, teachers and managers from four Folkuniversitets offices.


Golden Goal Demonstration event in Elefsina

On Thursday 20th  of March, 2008, members of Athena Institute carried out a dissemination and demonstration event at the big gym of the municipality of Elefsina. Mrs Karpodini, president of the Athena Institute, presented the goals and results of our project.

She motivated the audience to visit the Greek version of the Golden Goal. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion, representatives of Athena were asked to answer a lot of questions. At the end, project flyers and special T-shirts, red with the white logo Golden Goal, http://www.golden-goal.at were handed out to the attendants of the events.  




Golden Goal for Experts in Slovenia

In the framework of the "Golden Goal" project, Zavod Papilot organized meetings for experts from various organisations working in the field of training and social assistance. Two of these events took place on February 13th and April 19th 2008.

We presented aims, target groups and the curriculum as main output of the project. At the same time we motivated them to deal with contents of Golden Goal products during several workshops. All participants were stimulated to use the curriculum concepts and the toolbox and incorporate them into their daily practice with their learners.



The University of Glasgow: Workshop for Interested Tutors


Further information

Further research projects


Golden Goal Demonstration Event at Folkuniversitetet Kalmar/Sweden

The Project Golden Goal was presented and demonstrated in a conference December 2007.. The Golden Goal project were shown and explained to trainers, teachers and managers from four of Folkuniversitets offices.


GG demonstration event at Stavanger Cup in Karate 2007 

November 12th at Stavangercup in Karate 2007: Enthusiatic karate fighters
after the event where the Golden Goal project was presented.


Golden Goal Demonstration Event at
"Old Classic Derby" First Vienna FC - Wiener Sportklub

On October 25th 2007, our Golden Goal project was presented in the framework of a league game between the two traditional football clubs First Vienna FC and Wiener Sportklub at the "Hohe Warte" stadium in Vienna.

The event was organised by Golden Goal project partners Reinhard Prenn (Kulturverein Doppelpass) and Helmut Kronika (BEST), together with our "Golden Goal Ambassador" Wilhelm Kaipel, a former top league and Austrian national football player as well as successful coach and manager, and the Austrian National Football Team of Writers, who played against the team of "Augustin" (a well-known magazine supporting disadvantaged and homeless people in Vienna) right before the main match.


The Austrian National Football Team of Writers wearing Golden Goal T-shirts
Helmut Kronika, BEST (left), Wilhelm Kaipel, Golden Goal Ambassador (right)   

From left to right: Reinhard Prenn (Doppelpass), Helmut Kronika (BEST) and Golden Goal Ambassador Wilhelm Kaipel.


Project Manager for RKK Norway presenting Golden Goal project for teachers in Stavanger region



Golden Goal Presentation at Austrian Federal Sports Organisation

On February 22nd 2007, BEST presented the Golden Goal project, its objectives, structure and interesting results of the pilot tests at an event of the Austrian Federal Sports Organisation (BSO Service im Sport, Österreichische Bundes-Sportorganisation). The event dealt with organisational issues and good practice examples within European programmes, such as the Lifelong Learning Programme.
Download presentation in German


Golden Goal in the Papers

"medianet" is the leading Austrian daily newspaper for human resource management and labour market.
This article was published on 23 March 2007 and deals with the successful Golden Goal concept.


Golden Goal Dissemination at Godalen Vocational College-Sjøhuset

Joyful teachers waiting for the presentation of Golden Goal project at the follow up service conference at Godalen Vocational College-Sjøhuset.  


Project Manager Thomas Nilsen presenting the content of the Golden Goal Toolbox to Norwegian teachers


Golden Goal Demonstration Event at Åhus Beach Handboll/Sweden

The Project Golden Goal was presented in Åhus at Åhus Beach Handball in July  2007.. The Golden Goal projects leaflets was delivered and Golden Goal was informed to the visitors.


Golden Goal Dissemination at Cruyff International Forum

Organisers of the "Johan Cruyff Forum" in Amsterdam (June 1st-2nd 2006) invited a representative of the "Golden Goal" project to exchange ideas among experts on the combination of education and sports in Europe. Helmut Kronika from BEST (Austria) took part on both days consisting of several interesting workshops and presented the "Golden Goal" project idea.

Helmut Kronika meets Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff

Helmut Kronika meets Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff to discuss the aims of the Golden Goal project


Pictures of Golden Goal Pilot Tests

Golden Goal pilot tests in partners' countries took place in summer 2006. The tests followed the aim of introducing sport activities into basic skills training and individual counselling situations in order to assess the practicability of this new approach with the target groups for which the project is designed.

Golden Goal Pilot Tests

Bowling needs
the right strategy!

Outdoor Teambuilding:
Finding the right balance

Golden Goal Pilot Tests

Trusting and supporting
each other

Golden Goal Pilot Tests 
Golden Goal Pilot Tests

Learners working out strategies
before the game

Following the right targets

Golden Goal Pilot Tests
 Golden Goal Pilot Tests

"We have reached our goal":
A pilot test group on
top of a mountain

Golden Goal Pilot Tests

Project members from
Austria, Holland and Sweden
visiting learners during
Golden Goal pilot tests

Golden Goal Pilot Tests